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Snowflake - Off-white leather coolie brim with Cutouts.

Snowflake - Off-white leather coolie brim with Cutouts.

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Inspired by the humble snowflake, you will turn heads in this unique off-white leather coolie headpiece with cutouts. This piece looks good from all angles and captures the attention of onlookers. Snowflake features a cascade of geometric shapes in the centre the draw in the eye which transitions into the cutouts that cast delicate shadows and light play for the wearer. 

This style of headpiece is crafted on a wire bandeau and can be manipulated to the shape of the wearers head for added comfort. The bandeau frame is secured with double elastics and a metal comb for added security. 

This piece is part of the Ready to wear collection but can also be made in custom colours. Please email for more information on customisations. 

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