Teaching with Hat Academy

Teaching Millinery with Hat Academy

Most people don't know my Millinery journey started on a remote cattle station, while I was teaching via School Of the Air in the last term of school. I was dreaming of getting creative heading back closer to family, getting back to painting or picking up my camera again, while googling away for inspiration in my spare time i stumbled upon Hat Academy. 

Living remotely the main social interaction we had all year was attending the local races and I had always struggled to find any millinery in the local shops let alone anything i liked! When i found Hat Academy i felt something shift inside me. I immediately signed up, ordered a whole bunch of supplies, not knowing sinnamay from Sisal and waited patiently till they arrived. 

When I opened my box of goodies from House of Adorn, it was a colour explosion of materials and jelly beans. Feeling like the Geenie had left the bottle I connected the patchy internet to see if my hands could match the vivid creations i had been dreaming of. While I wouldn't say i was an instant sensation in the millinery department I have to say i was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to follow along, step by step pre-recorded Elaine guided me through my first sinnamay hat. 

I still pinch myself when i think back to all those years ago, that now i get to be the voice on the other side of the computer connection, hopefully less patchy but just as enthusiastically guiding you every step of the way through methods i have honed over the years. I get to make the hats that the ladies in outback Australia Wear to their local races when they can't find what they like in their local towns. I often forget to look back when i am busy creating or working on an upcoming lesson. 

 There is so much more to the story but for now i want to say thank you for joining me on this wonderful ride! I have come from student to teacher and i know the pure joy and at times frustration you will face on your Millinery Journey. Hat Academy has been there every step of the way and i can't wait to share more with you all over the next decade.